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New Term, New Rules, New Mod!

Hello and welcome to the new term at HiH! I'm Laura and I'm the new mod for hogwartsicons. :D

We've got some changes in store here for you all! This term, you will have the opportunity to earn points for your hogwartsishome house by sharing your Harry Potter icons and other graphics!

The old rules shall remain pretty much the same, but we've got a few additions, as well, so make note of them below. Please remember that these apply to anyone posting to hogwartsicons, HiH member or not.

The Rules

1. No more than three icons outside of an lj-cut. If you are posting banners or some other larger graphics, please use thumbnails as your teasers. Some people have slow computers or slow connections, so please think of them!

2. Do not repost graphics you have already posted to the comm. No one wants to see the same graphics promoted over and over again. Plus, they will only count once for points, and to be fair, they should have been made in the term in which they are earning points. Also, all graphics you post here you must make yourself.

3. For those taking icons or graphics: Each creator usually has their own set of rules. Please follow them. If they ask for comments and/or credit, please do so.

4. No promotions for non-Harry Potter related communities and no promotions for sorting communities. (You may, of course, include a link to your personal icon journal or comm with your graphics so that people who are so inclined may see what other graphics you make, but don't promote other communities here.)

5. You do not have to be a member of hogwartsishome to promote your icons here, but only HiH members may earn house points and only if they follow the rules for that. For details on how to earn points, see below!

Any post that breaks the above rules will promptly be deleted and, if the poster is a member of HiH, points will be taken.


Now, for the important part: points details! ;)

How do I make sure my post counts for points at my house at hogwartsishome?
You must post all of the qualifying graphics directly to this community, or they will not be counted. This means no fake cuts or links to another post in your icon journal. You may include a link if there are more multifandom icons in the post, or just to promote your icon journal, but only the Harry Potter graphics that are posted directly to the community will count for house points.

You must also include a tally of what you've posted and how many points they are worth. For example, something that looks like the following. (Note that it lists how many of each kind of graphic and the total amount of points the whole post is worth.)
Icons: 20
Banners: 5
Points: 110

And do not forget to sign with your name and house! A sig tag will be fine for this, just make sure I know which house to award your points to!

*new* Starting June 1st, 2007, you can post no more than 4 icon variants for points. This means that you can post up to 4 icons that are similar, but no more than 4. For example, 4 icons that use the same base but with different effects or text.

How many points is each graphic worth?
Icons: 4 points
Banners/Headers: 6 points
Wallpapers: 10 points

How many points can I earn? Is there any limit?
Yes, there is a limit on how many points you may earn. That limit is 500 points per month. To give you an idea of what this means, you could post up to 125 icons in one month for points. This number is subject to change (with notice to the community), depending on how much activity happens in the community, but for now this is what you must stick to. And I will be keeping track.


Now, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, complaints or anything else, this post is the place to drop those notes. All comments are screened!


Looking forward to the new term and seeing all of your great graphics! :D

♥, Laura
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