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10 Variations Master Post


This is the new post for the hogwartsicons 10 Variations Challenge! Check inside for the FAQ, Claims, Themes, Participants & Due Dates, and Victorious Parties.

Mini FAQ

What is 10 variations?
If you sign up to participate, you'll be making ten icons of one image (to ten pre-assigned themes), in 10 days. You have a deadline, so think carefully about signing up!

How does this relate to hogwartsicons?
This is a fun idea we got from the community 10variations. Check them out, as our variations must be Potterverse-related and theirs are far more open. hogwartsicons will continue to function as it normally would, but hopefully this will raise the activity level a little bit.

HiH members want to know about house points.
Of course you do! At the end you'll have 10 icons x 4 points = 40 points, plus a bonus 10 points for completing within your deadline, so 50 points per 10-icon set.
Also, some textless icons that would ordinarily count as bases will count as icons if they fit the theme. That's not permission to be lazy, though. Mods can tell the difference between artistic simplicity and laziness and will judge accordingly.

How do I start?
Below is a list of thirty prompts. You can choose any ten to start for your set.

Can I make another claim after I finish my previous claim?
Yes. We will be happy if you want to! But, you may only reuse five of the ten prompts you used in your last claim.

What do I get when I've completed my set?
Your name will be listed on the Winners List (which is found below). There you can revel in your glory!

Can the image be fanart?
Yes. Icons from fanart are acceptable. Like with regular icons posted here at hogwartsicons, you must give credit to the fanartist.

Are we allowed to also do icons of a character or actor already done if we use a different image?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of times a particular actor or character can be claimed.

Can some of the icons be animated?
No. For the time being we are not allowing animated images. It may, in the future, be allowed.

Can I post other icons with my ten variations icons?
No. Please post any other icons in a separate post.

Can I post more than one set of 10 Variations icons in the same post?
No. Please post them in separate posts.

Can I post additional variations for points?
No, you cannot submit more than ten variations for points, in either your 10 Variations post or in a later post. This is connected with the regular "only four variations" rule. We wouldn't allow someone to submit four variations in one post and four more variations in another.

Can I submit my icons before my claim has been approved?
No. Please wait until your claim has been approved before submitting your icons. If your claim is not approved when you post your icons, you will only receive points for the first four variations. Someone should be around to be able to approve claims regularly, but please don't jump the gun.

Can I make more than one claim at a time?
No. Please finish and submit your first claim before requesting a second. Each person can have only one 10 Variations claim per week. You can request another claim if you have already posted one that week, but you cannot post it to the queue until the next week (i.e. You've posted your first claim to the queue in Week A and requested another claim in Week A. You have to wait until Week B to post this next claim to the queue).

Do the points I receive from this count toward my weekly allotted points?
Yes. The 50 points that you receive from completing a full 10 variations will count toward your allowed 125 points for the week. So make sure that if you haven't already maxed out for the week when you post your variations to the queue.

Where do I sign up?
Comment to this post with the form below.

Any other questions we haven't answered here?
There is a questions comment found below where you can ask about anything we may have missed!



No current claims.

Claim Form:

You have ten days from the time your claim is approved or you'll lose your 10 extra points. No extensions; this is strictly a ten day challenge. And for now, we can only accept icons.

The Prompts:
- Any prompts marked with "*" have further explanation following the example images.

o1. black & white
o2. color splash*
o3. rotation
o4. half
o5. negative space

EXAMPLE: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

*Color splash: a black and white icon with a splash of color somewhere.

06. this texture credit to shalowater
07. this texture credit to tearbenders
08. multiple
09. geometry
10. whole image

EXAMPLE: 06. 07. 08. 09. 10.

11. close crop
12. unusual crop*
13. mirror
14. fade*
15. simple

EXAMPLE: 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
*Unusual crop: please try to crop your icon in a less than normal fashion. i.e. no half face crops or eyes and above crops. Be creative!
*Fade: the subject of the icon must fade into the background.

16. green
17. nature*
18. dark
19. patterned background
20. solid background

EXAMPLE: 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
*Nature: the focus must be nature, be that through a texture/stock or whatever nature element is in your original image.

21. no eyes
22. name
23. top
24. bottom
25. rainbow

EXAMPLE: 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

26. hair
27. tiny text
28. big text*
29. border
30. this font "Telegrafico"*

EXAMPLE: 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.
*Big text: the text must fill at least 1/3 of the icon.
*This font "Telegrafico": you must use this font legibly on the icon.

How to format your submission post?

Copy and paste from the following text box. We would like your post to look like the following:

Title: 10 Variations: Your Subject

My image: HERE


Points Tally:
10 icons x 4 points = 40 points
40 points + 10 bonus points = 50 points for Your House

Your Name & Your House
Please post to tumblr! (Delete this line if no. If yes, remember to add the "!please post to tumblr" tag)

tags: hih: term ##, hih: house: yourhouse, type: icon, chal: 10variations
In short, your submission post should contain;
- the link to your original image (please upload the image to your own image server). just the link please.
- the prompt names
- points tally
- and everything should be behind an lj cut

- if you want to add three teaser icons outside the cut that's fine, but no more than three!
- or if you want to have a banner outside the cut you can, sized to 400px X 400px or less please.

We hope this will be a fun activity for all of you!
(This activity will be opened all term long.)

These are the champions, my friends:

Those who have completed these variations within the time constraints will find their name here!

mahmfic - Umbridge

Term XXX
pretty_panther - The Trio

autumn_mist - Draco Malfoy
cyn_ful - Tom Felton
pretty_panther - The Trio

growling - Draco Malfoy

autumn_mist - Lucius Malfoy
blackestbird - Evanna Lynch
csichick_2 - Neville Longbottom
cyn_ful - Seamus Finnegan & Narcissa Malfoy & Pansy Parkinson
djmayhem_aubrey - Evanna Lynch & The Trio
moony_blues - Hermione Granger
pretty_panther - Bellatrix