baby we could rock the night alone (slumber) wrote in hogwartsicons,
baby we could rock the night alone

A Pansy Parkinson Mix

01. Lemon Meringue - Poe
Hold on you've gotta wait just a minute
See the cookie jar
I've got my hand caught in it
Just let me try and explain

02. Dirty Laundry - Bitter:Sweet
I've got a bad boy and that's alright with me
His dirty laundry is nothing that I can't keep clean
And when he needs an alibi
He can use me all night

(Oooh) What's the fun in playing it safe?
(Oooh) I think I'd rather misbehave
Your way

I'm just a bad girl, that's why we get along
Won't make excuses for anything I'm doing wrong
I'll pull the trigger in a flash
Watch out honey, step back

03. Boring - The Pierces
Nothing thrills us
No one kills us
Life is such a chore
When it's...

04. Post-Modern Sleaze - Sneaker Pimps
Unscrew the wine, she'll throw a party line,
Stories extreme, she's such a drama queen,
Cries through the night, she choked on marlboro lites,
Pure charm and grace, she hates her pretty face,

05. Never Look Away - Vienna Teng
So do they ever shut up because you said so or
Do you overthink ’em all
Somebody ought to corrupt you on the dance floor
And take you home
Show you all your daemons and desires and dark sides
All of your colonies and continental divides

Evyclaw/25 pts for Ravenclaw! (inc 5pts for HI weekly prompt)
Tags: artist: s, hih: house: ravenclaw, hih: term 30, type: fanmix
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