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Bad Ritual | A Slytherin Vampire Mix

01.] Blue Foundation | Eyes on Fire
listen here
Eyes on fire
Your spine is ablaze
Felling any foe with my gaze
And just in time
In the right place
Steadily emerging with grace

02.] Timber Timbre | Bad Ritual
listen here
There is a history in pictures
There is evidence in boxes
There is proof of your love for him, long after it's dead
And every creak, a trigger
I will think of you with others
I could not smother out dead fire in my head

03.] Bowerbirds | In Our Talons
listen here
You're in our talons now, and we're never letting go
You're in our headlights, frozen, and no, we're not stopping
You may not believe, but even we were scared at first
It takes a lot of nerve to destroy this wondrous earth

04.] Son Lux | Flickers
listen here
I can see the flickers
Over me the lanterns raised
Lift me up, lift me over it

Show me what you're hiding
Take me out into the sea
Lift me up (I hear the singing light)
Lift me over it

05.] Alexandre Desplat | Canis Lupus
listen here

1 fanmix x 20 points = 20 points
= 20 points for Slytherin!

Tiffany | Slytherin
Tags: artist: g, hih: house: slytherin, hih: term 30, type: fanmix
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