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Trees, Oh Trees | A Remus Lupin Mix

01.] Andrew Bird | Things Behind The Barn
listen here

02.] Sara Lov | My Body is a Cage
listen here
I'm living in an age
That calls darkness light
Though my language is dead
Still the shapes fill my head

03.] I Am Oak | On Trees and Birds and Fire
listen here
Trees, oh trees
Do you remember me?
From before
And birds, oh birds
Can you recall my songs?
From before
Fire, oh fire
I can still feel your warmth
Like before

04.] The Upsidedown | Wolf Blood Honey
listen here
I've got wolf's blood honey for your love
It's pumping through my soul
I've roamed a thousand years
With teeth of velvet gold
The desire for the tender prey

05.] Patrick Wolf | The Messenger
listen here
I'll seize the day
Make lifers traveler work as messengers
With my pain
My pleasure
All will be
I will fear what tomorrow may take
Stay blind to my future and fate
Start my traveling now

06.] Mogwai | I Know You Are But What Am I
listen here

1 fanmix x 20 points = 20 points
+ 5 points for Minor Character weekly theme
= 25 points for Slytherin!

Tiffany | Slytherin
Tags: artist: g, hih: house: slytherin, hih: term 30, type: fanmix
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